Who We Are

Mid-Atlantic LECET brings the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) Mid-Atlantic and its signatory contractors
together to address issues of importance to both.

Who We Are

Mid-Atlantic LECET’s primary mission is to create and implement strategies to increase market share for LIUNA‐signatory contractors, sign new contractors, create job opportunities for the laborers they employ, advance market-related interests, and enhance labor-management cooperation. To meet those goals, MA-LECET works with LIUNA, other Laborer-Management offices, contractors and their associations, and various community, business and government groups.

From top to bottom, MA-LECET works to add value to the construction industry.  Whether through providing project leads, creating business partners, researching emerging markets, helping to secure project financing, or navigating the regulatory or political process, MA-LECET and LIUNA are advocates for the construction industry, their signatory contractors and their members.

Contractors who work with LIUNA get well-trained, highly skilled laborers plus an organization devoted to helping them grow.

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Our Trustees

Our Trustees

Mid-Atlantic LECET is governed by a board of Labor and Management Trustees that embodies the partnerships necessary to get the job done in today’s construction market. The Trustees bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that has proven invaluable in steering MA-LECET’s operations in a way that provides joint benefits for LIUNA Mid-Atlantic, its members, and its signatory contractors.

The Mid-Atlantic LECET office located in Reston Town Center



Dennis L. Martire , Chairman
LIUNA Mid-Atlantic Region Vice President and Regional Manager
Phillip Ameris. Sr.
Craig Harvey
Ryan Boyer
Anthony J. Seiwell
Dave L. Allison
Mary K. Prim , Co-Chairman
Joseph M. Catena
Stephen T. Kimball
James P. McNelis
Cherie Pleasant

What We Do

Mid-Atlantic LECET provides powerful resources to expand market
opportunities for LIUNA Mid-Atlantic and signatory contractors.

We develop innovative programs and services to support LIUNA Mid-Atlantic and signatory contractors.

Market Expansion Program for Contractors
Market Expansion Program for Contractors

The Market Expansion Program for Contractors is a unique project lead service, specifically for LIUNA signatory contractors. It allows users to tailor leads to their business requirements.

If you’re a construction worker looking for career opportunities, Mid-Atlantic LECET has a resource for you, too.

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